Work in Progress: Sailor Jack Illustration

This illustration is taken from a photo from a social media connection posted early in his Instagram development. I saw it and, as with many of my other illustrations, was inspired to reproduce it. I loved the feel of camaraderie, the youth, the feeling of future and a look of wonder… All in [...]

RedSox Baseball Legend, Ted Williams Illustration

This is one of those illustrations that never seems to be done… until now … 🤓 I finally love it! I started it about 2 years ago and it’s seen a variety of iterations including color and graphics . None of them seemed to hit where I wanted the illustration to go. I wanted a [...]

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Hommage – Album Cover Illustration – Commission

Click image to view full screen This one was a pure joy to work on. Keith's music is dynamic, cool, inspirational and simply a joy to listen to. While a bit of a departure from my "normal" illustration style, the abstract graphic treatment for his upcoming release cover art came quick and hit [...]

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A Christmas Story – Pink Nightmare Bunny Suit Cartoon

There’s something special about the movie A Christmas Story. In many ways, I identify with Ralphie and his fantastic world of imagination. The family is nothing but love and insanity (as mine was at that age). And we all know, as parents, it’s all a guess at best and sometimes aunt Clara’s god awful pink [...]

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Beto O’Rourke Digital Illustration

I just wanted to share this again. When I’d originally illustrated it, Beto O'Rourke was just another candidate I admired for his tenacity and willingness to fight a good fight. Now, it means something more. I haven’t done a lot of illustration lately. I illustrate people and things that inspire or move me. Unfortunately not [...]

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Dave Grohl Portrait Illustration by A.B. Clark

Had fun with this #illustration. I’m a huge Foo fan, so when someone asked about a Dave Grohl portrait, I was on board before they could finish the sentence. Ladies and gentlemen... this is DAVE F*CKING GROHL! 😜 (I’m kinda stoked about this one) 😳😎🤯🤓🤘 . . @foofighters . #davegrohl #davegrohlisgod#foofighters #abclark#illustratorsofinstagram #illustration#portrait #rocknroll #derpheads#rockandroll #nirvana #drummer

Dizzy Gillespie Illustration

DIZZY! ... I wanted to try something a little different for tonight’s doodletime. Base line work with softer complimentary color texture in #Procreate ... may work on some type on the left side. Will post more later. 😎🤓😇😏 . . #jazz #trumpet #dizzygillespie#illustration #jazzlegend #abclark#derpheads #illustratorsoninstagram#doodletime

Derphead – Derp Skull Temper Tantrum

Derphead - Derp Skull Temper Tantrum What does a cartoonist do when clients stop an entire project to debate the intricacies of Helvetica vs. Arial? Throw a little tizzy tantrum and draw Derp Skulls, that's what!  Below is what came from a silly exchange with some highly picky client edits...  (yes, the shirt and derp [...]

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NRA for our Children

I normally avoid “political,” but ... here you go. 🤬 . . . #cartoon #saturdaynight #Saturday #politicalcartoon #guncontrol #schoolshootings #abclark #cartoonist #cartoonistsoninstagram #derpheads #adobedraw #drawing #illustration #nra #political #secondamendment #applepencil #doodle #drawingprocess

Derphead Humpday Cartoon Mess

Derphead Humpday Cartoon Mess #Humpday #doodletimebrings some kind of Human-Alien mish-mash ... I had about 5 ideas rolling around my head and I think all of them just kind of spewed out at the same time. I also tried to work in a specific, more muted, color palate... some complimentary colors and a build of triads [...]

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