Dizzy Gillespie Illustration

DIZZY! ... I wanted to try something a little different for tonight’s doodletime. Base line work with softer complimentary color texture in #Procreate ... may work on some type on the left side. Will post more later. 😎🤓😇😏 . . #jazz #trumpet #dizzygillespie#illustration #jazzlegend #abclark#derpheads #illustratorsoninstagram#doodletime

Inktober 2018 – A month of creative cartooning insight… and panic.

I love a challenge. This challenge, while motivational and even inspirational pretty much kicked my butt. Inktober, the brain child of Jake Parker, a tremendously talented illustrator and ink master, is a month-long challenge to create original daily drawings, based on a single-word prompt provided by Parker, and ink them throughout the month of October. [...]

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“LOVE ME!” A Plea From The Sales Department – Sales Cartoon

We all know these people...  Generally they hang out in the sales department and reek of desperation and dollar store cologne. Sales people generally get a bad wrap, but deep down, they're really looking for one simple thing...  LOVE.  

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Great Life – Illustration for ChildServe Des Moines, Iowa

It's so rewarding to take a journey with your clients to find JUST the right imagery for a personal project. ChildServe is such an impactful organization and to celebrate Lloyd's 26 years with them, the theme "Great Life" just hit with the force of 1000 heartbeats. This was a fun project and I couldn't have [...]

Comrade Contemplation – Adobe Draw – Cartoon

Just a quick cartoon for this evening, reflecting on the recent situations in our political environment and the results of the Alabama State Senate Election results. While, normally, I'm not inclined to political satire, it just seems so easy these days. As I wrote on Instagram: Seriously... all that hard work down the drain. Almost [...]

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