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Beto O’Rourke Digital Illustration

I just wanted to share this again. When I’d originally illustrated it, Beto O'Rourke was just another candidate I admired for his tenacity and willingness to fight a good fight. Now, it means something more. I haven’t done a lot of illustration lately. I illustrate people and things that inspire or move me. Unfortunately not [...]

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Patrick Mahomes Illustration Portrait

Prints can be purchased in the shop ... click the link below! #Mahomes pulls out the magic for K.C. and comes back from 3+TDS down to take Houston. #chiefsnation should be proud!!! I’m not a sportsball fan, but I am a fan of good guys. Mahomes is one of the best. Young. [...]

Love in the Days of Seclusion

A little off my normal style, but I thought this was a fun little lovey #doodle to start off the New Year. Love is stronger than The Cone of Shame. These little puppers have it bad. Too much kissing, maybe?!? 😘🥰😍 💕❤️ .  

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