RedSox Baseball Legend, Ted Williams Illustration

This is one of those illustrations that never seems to be done… until now … 🤓 I finally love it! I started it about 2 years ago and it’s seen a variety of iterations including color and graphics . None of them seemed to hit where I wanted the illustration to go. I wanted a [...]

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Dave Grohl Portrait Illustration by A.B. Clark

Had fun with this #illustration. I’m a huge Foo fan, so when someone asked about a Dave Grohl portrait, I was on board before they could finish the sentence. Ladies and gentlemen... this is DAVE F*CKING GROHL! 😜 (I’m kinda stoked about this one) 😳😎🤯🤓🤘 . . @foofighters . #davegrohl #davegrohlisgod#foofighters #abclark#illustratorsofinstagram #illustration#portrait #rocknroll #derpheads#rockandroll #nirvana #drummer

Orthodontist Cartoon

Orthodontist Cartoon Heh... toof jokes. I had braces for 5 years through middle and high school. I can’t count how many times my #orthodontist said this to me... 🙄 . #cartoon #cartoonist #derpheads#abclark #cartoonistsofinstagram#applepencil #adobedraw #teeth#dentaljokes #orthodontics

The Marketer’s Moment – Marketing Cartoon

This is the statement that, if you're a marketer, you realize you've either WON the client... or LOST the client.  If a meeting ends this way, you know the future of the account.

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Joe Biden Illustration

I honestly have to admit, I LOVE this Joe Biden Illustration! Draw, draw, draw, and then draw some more. I like the direction these illustrations are going. With the detail and use of layers for shading and color building, the illustrations are taking on a much stronger presence. This illustration lead to a LOT of [...]

Bush In 04 – June, 2004

I actually had to look up how to spell Baghdad...  That's how political I am.this, of course was at the tail end (no pun intended) of the search for Sadaam in Baghdad. It saturated the news. It was in every pore of the media and broadcast communications. While the war was questionable, you can probably [...]

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