Nature Photography – Dandelion Detail

Yes, I’m that weird neighbor you’ll catch laying in the back yard playing with dandelions. … I caught this full bloom this afternoon and, before the wind had its way with her, I wanted to document its stunning beauty. I’ve included a couple tight closeup crops to show you what I’m seeing as [...]

Work in Progress: Sailor Jack Illustration

This illustration is taken from a photo from a social media connection posted early in his Instagram development. I saw it and, as with many of my other illustrations, was inspired to reproduce it. I loved the feel of camaraderie, the youth, the feeling of future and a look of wonder… All in [...]

Chicago Theater Marquee Photo

Click to view full-screen. I love new print day. Being a former pressman and darkroom technician, I get a bit particular with my personal art and prints. Black and white photos are often printed locally, with some of my favorite vendors, but color images are usually sent out to online sources. I seem [...]

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Cycling Illustration – ZWIFT Ride On! by Andrew B. Clark

Well… This was a fun cycling illustration from out of the blue...  kinda … 😬 Anyone who’s done any indoor cycling knows about #zwiftcycling … #zwift and I have become good friends. Almost daily I’m sweating away to my favorite grooves while riding along (virtually) with thousands of others. Cult? Naw… but I did spend an inordinate amount [...]

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A Christmas Story – Pink Nightmare Bunny Suit Cartoon

There’s something special about the movie A Christmas Story. In many ways, I identify with Ralphie and his fantastic world of imagination. The family is nothing but love and insanity (as mine was at that age). And we all know, as parents, it’s all a guess at best and sometimes aunt Clara’s god awful pink [...]

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Beto O’Rourke Digital Illustration

I just wanted to share this again. When I’d originally illustrated it, Beto O'Rourke was just another candidate I admired for his tenacity and willingness to fight a good fight. Now, it means something more. I haven’t done a lot of illustration lately. I illustrate people and things that inspire or move me. Unfortunately not [...]

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Patrick Mahomes Illustration Portrait

Prints can be purchased in the shop ... click the link below! #Mahomes pulls out the magic for K.C. and comes back from 3+TDS down to take Houston. #chiefsnation should be proud!!! I’m not a sportsball fan, but I am a fan of good guys. Mahomes is one of the best. Young. [...]

Love in the Days of Seclusion

A little off my normal style, but I thought this was a fun little lovey #doodle to start off the New Year. Love is stronger than The Cone of Shame. These little puppers have it bad. Too much kissing, maybe?!? 😘🥰😍 💕❤️ .  

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The Journey of Theobald Packenstance

New moon. Crescent moon. Quarter moon, more; Theobald Packenstance believed the mystic lore. His heart whispered secrets - twisted, taught, and tight Of children, monsters, and mystics who danced in the night. New moon. Crescent moon. Quarter moon light; Theobald’s dreams kept him sleepless at night. To journey away, to travel through space That’s what [...]

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ISF – Ideal Reflection

Spent the day at the @iowastatefair yesterday with camera in tow. It was the first time I'd consciously brought my "good" camera to the fair since my kids were young. I really struggled to get a shot I liked... I'm not quite comfortable with "Street photography" per se, but wanted to try... so, of course, I get [...]

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