Boston RedSox Ted Williams baseball legend illustration by Andrew B. ClarkThis is one of those illustrations that never seems to be done… until now … 🤓 I finally love it!

I started it about 2 years ago and it’s seen a variety of iterations including color and graphics . None of them seemed to hit where I wanted the illustration to go. I wanted a deconstructed, natural feel . With the crosshatch and the rough graphite treatment, I think the new rendition is a lot closer to what I had in my mind. If interested you can scroll back in my Instagram account to the the different versions 🤓 …

Now to get a print made and see how it looks on a nice, archival cotton paper ❤️ … should print nicely at about 36” wide. ? 😜 ⚾️🏟️

Below are a few images of the illustration process: