Work in Progress: Sailor Jack Illustration

This illustration is taken from a photo from a social media connection posted early in his Instagram development. I saw it and, as with many of my other illustrations, was inspired to reproduce it. I loved the feel of camaraderie, the youth, the feeling of future and a look of wonder… All in [...]

RedSox Baseball Legend, Ted Williams Illustration

This is one of those illustrations that never seems to be done… until now … 🤓 I finally love it! I started it about 2 years ago and it’s seen a variety of iterations including color and graphics . None of them seemed to hit where I wanted the illustration to go. I wanted a [...]

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Hommage – Album Cover Illustration – Commission

Click image to view full screen This one was a pure joy to work on. Keith's music is dynamic, cool, inspirational and simply a joy to listen to. While a bit of a departure from my "normal" illustration style, the abstract graphic treatment for his upcoming release cover art came quick and hit [...]

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Cycling Illustration – ZWIFT Ride On! by Andrew B. Clark

Well… This was a fun cycling illustration from out of the blue...  kinda … 😬 Anyone who’s done any indoor cycling knows about #zwiftcycling … #zwift and I have become good friends. Almost daily I’m sweating away to my favorite grooves while riding along (virtually) with thousands of others. Cult? Naw… but I did spend an inordinate amount [...]

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Beto O’Rourke Digital Illustration

I just wanted to share this again. When I’d originally illustrated it, Beto O'Rourke was just another candidate I admired for his tenacity and willingness to fight a good fight. Now, it means something more. I haven’t done a lot of illustration lately. I illustrate people and things that inspire or move me. Unfortunately not [...]

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Illustration – Willie Nelson – Music Icon

Always one of my favorite artists. Not just for his music, but for his love of it and everyone he works with. He’s undeniably independent and creates a cool, joyful vibe wherever he is. If that isn’t giving back to the world beyond your God-given talent, I don’t know what is. I illustrated this portrait [...]

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Patrick Mahomes Illustration Portrait

Prints can be purchased in the shop ... click the link below! #Mahomes pulls out the magic for K.C. and comes back from 3+TDS down to take Houston. #chiefsnation should be proud!!! I’m not a sportsball fan, but I am a fan of good guys. Mahomes is one of the best. Young. [...]

Tutu Miles Davis Illustration_121219

Pulled an old album from the archives this week and have been listening to it and just grooving and grooving. This one blew my 18 year old mind... I played the grooves off of it and drove my roommates nuts. I’d have to say, TUTU converted me from a pop dork to jazz fiend.The #illustration is posterized [...]

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Dave Grohl Portrait Illustration by A.B. Clark

Had fun with this #illustration. I’m a huge Foo fan, so when someone asked about a Dave Grohl portrait, I was on board before they could finish the sentence. Ladies and gentlemen... this is DAVE F*CKING GROHL! 😜 (I’m kinda stoked about this one) 😳😎🤯🤓🤘 . . @foofighters . #davegrohl #davegrohlisgod#foofighters #abclark#illustratorsofinstagram #illustration#portrait #rocknroll #derpheads#rockandroll #nirvana #drummer

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