chicago theater marquee photo print by andrew b. clark

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I love new print day. Being a former pressman and darkroom technician, I get a bit particular with my personal art and prints. Black and white photos are often printed locally, with some of my favorite vendors, but color images are usually sent out to online sources. I seem to get better color density and editing online is easier than the back-and-forth between me and a frustrated tech (I’ve been on both sides of that frustration). Also, the substrates available to photographers online is virtually endless. I like that!

This print is of the world-famous Balaban and Katz Chicago Theatre Marque, or “The Chicago Theater” Marquee in downtown Chicago, Illinois. It’s been shot by millions of Chicagoans, tourists, and professional photographers alike. THIS shot, taken while on a trip to Chi-Town with my son as he enrolled in college, was snapped “Tourist-style” on my iPhone (I know… give me shit for that later).  Of course, I pulled it into Instagram, added a number of filters and posted it to be forgotten to the annals of social media history.

A week-or-so ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram account and saw it. After years in digital purgatory, I decided to pull it up, do a little more editing in Photoshop (converted to black and white, altered curves, pulled focus to the sign more with Gaussian blur, etc.) and re-post as a street photograph – a style I’m working to build up in my portfolio.

On a whim, I sent it out to my online printer to see how over-processed Instagram photos turn out and… at 10″ x 10″, I can say I’m genuinely impressed. I love the noise, similar to a print from a Lomo camera. The blacks are beautiful and overall the print is quite beautiful.

This could be the start of something fun. So I thought I’d share it here… and other places. If interested in prints from the shop, please let me know.

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I’d LOVE to hear what you think!

Have a beautiful Day!