iowa state fair ideal reflection photo bt andrew b clarkSpent the day at the @iowastatefair yesterday with camera in tow. It was the first time I’d consciously brought my “good” camera to the fair since my kids were young. I really struggled to get a shot I liked… I’m not quite comfortable with “Street photography” per se, but wanted to try… so, of course, I get a picture of… someone else’s kid… LOL. I really like the innocence. It pretty much summed up the day.
A couple composition things: I intentionally cropped and adjusted the nose touch reflection to be DEAD CENTER. I like the balance and static it offers with the sharp left and soft right sides. Also, I wish I would have gotten down to her eye level… but the line was moving and I had about 4 seconds to get the shot. … Instagram cropped the images a bit more than my originals, but you get the drift… 🤦‍♂️ While I prefer the black and white version, I put the color version up as well. I’d love to hear what y’all think.