Every year I try to work into a program online called “Inktober”  … It’s a month-long challenge where the goal is to do an inked illustration or some kind of art. I’ve been inspired by some of the work I’ve seen and marvel at the illustrations done from prompts on a daily basis. I’ve successfully completed one year (2018) with all 30+ prompts. But each year I try something different.

In 2019, I found a new “Sketchpad” to play with called Sketch Wallet. It’s exactly what it sounds like…  a wallet-sized sketchpad. They’re pretty slick.  Below are three of the approximately 15 images I have in my #SketchWallet so far. While I didn’t successfully complete the 2019 Inktober challenge, I did come away with some fun analog illustrations. ;)

Here are my three favorites!