“I’m a Cartoonist” Caricature

"I'm a Cartoonist" Caricature I don't know... I don't really look like this, but it's a fun little cartoonist caricature style. I like the propeller beanie and the smug look on his face. They contrast quite nicely.

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Iowa Boy, Boston Heart, Boston Strong

I lived in Boston, Massachusetts for a little over year in the late 1980’s. I moved there to chase dreams only a 20-year old could: love, laughter, life, and a passion for absolutely anything unknown. Boston introduced this Iowa Boy to people from everywhere on the planet. I befriended a barbershop baritone-comedian born and raised [...]

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LineUp and Ray Foxx – February 3, 2005

I drew these cartoon roughs shortly after the death of Ray Charles and the Film "Ray" had come out, starring Jamie Foxx. The cartoon of the Police Lineup was done on a fluke. I wanted to see if I could draw three differing characters. I usually end up just drawing versions of myself in panels [...]

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