Ruth Bader Ginsburg – The Notorious RBG Illustration

It’s interesting how icons are born. Blazing trails since the mid 1970’s, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been a beacon of jurisprudence, women’s equality, human rights, and social justice. But, spurred on by a shake-up in the political landscape, “The Notorious RBG” has been thrust into the social forefront as an icon for truth, hope and justice!

I decided to do the illustration of Ginsburg on a request from a friend. As I researched and worked on the piece, it became clear that she deserves so much more recognition than a catchy nick name (although “The Notorious RBG” is cool as hell), and some spoofs on Saturday Night Live.  Justice Ginsburg deserves our respect and our support.  THIS illustration is my own personal way of giving her the recognition she deserves.

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The Notorious RBG Illustration by Andrew B. Clark

ruth bader ginsburg illustration by Andrew B. Clark Des Moines Illustrator

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