I love this cartoon. I have to say this would be one of my most inspired pieces as well as one of the most fun.

bilar woman dancing cartoon

click for a larger image

I get a lot of great reactions out of it. From “I didn’t know you spoke Spanish!” (I don’t I used Google Translate) to “Why doesn’t she have any hands?”

By the way, it translates to:

Dance Like No One Is Watching!

Why did I draw it? Well, I wanted to see if I could draw a woman. Yep. That’s the story behind Bilar…

If you look back through all my illustrations, you’ll see a very strong propensity for drawing men – specifically, version of myself. It’s a trouble I have as a cartoonist and illustrator.  All of my characters take on elements of myself – no matter how distorted or disturbed I try to go with them. I’m sure there’s some kind of psychological explanation for this, but for now, I chalk it up to one of three things:

  1. I’m just not good at drawing women
  2. I really think I’m a woman and, therefore, I really have trouble drawing MEN, or
  3. God decided, in penance for my decades of objectifying women, he has forced me to draw nothing but myself over and over again

Who knows?

In any case, besides the heavily influenced Robert Crumb-esque body style, she DOES look a bit like me with a fright wig.

Some of the finished , colored and inked versions of this cartoon set can be found in the Cartooning Gallery.