Funky House Treasure Map Cartoon Illustration

Many years ago (I think it was 1997?) we had a lovely little birthday party for my daughter in our new (then) home.  Of course, the party was second to none (who wouldn’t for their little girl, right)!

Well, part of that party was a treasure hunt with this custom cartoon illustration / scavenger hunt map for the kids to find their clues. It included a “Mad Magazine a-la Don Martin” style rendering of our house and property, including a smoking BBQ, and flies hovering around the shed (where I kept composting yard waste because I was too lazy to bag it properly.)

Thank God, since then, I’ve learned the proper techniques to yard maintenance and refuse disposal…  ;)

We had so much fun with this and when I ran across the original files, I wanted to make sure this was shared for all to see. Done in the days before iPads and drawing apps, this was created point-by-point in Adobe Illustrator.  WOAH…

home cartoon illustration map