While it was only our second ‪#‎artoff‬, Anthony Clifton and I thought this was a much better result! We took on this venture to build our skills, build our comfort and bolster our confidence as artists, and I think we BOTH made great progress this week.

Last meeting, we did sketches in 5 minute segments, but went to 10 minutes this session. We saw tremendous improvement in the base sketches with the additional time. I personally got more comfortable with the sketch, not worrying about the time limit (even checked after 4 minutes…). Depth and tone started to really show and was able to go back and “fix” areas that needed it.

This time we did blind contour of each other and I truly thought his drawing of me was spectacular! (Go look at his page). I have to apologize to Anthony for making him look more like the character from Schwarzenegger’s ALIEN than him…

I can’t wait for next week. Maybe some new techniques tested… new time limits… new materials?