The chocolate boss photo by andrew b. clark

Defending your chocolate stash is hard enough. What do you do when they’re as big as a Volkswagen? Damn.

Actually an outtake from the Queen’s Cup post I made earlier this week, but I loved her attitude so much I wanted to share it. I also like the fuller frame shot on this. It gives a little more air around the focal point and allows for the shallow depth of field to play stronger. ;) Shot digital Nikon D7100 ISO125, 90mm Macro, f8, 1/100s – Cropped and processed in Photoshop.

Over the next few weeks, while we trudge through less than inspirational news updates and isolation memes, I’m going to share some of my favorite photos from personal and professional projects. Hopefully it will break up the monotony a bit and give some perspective of the beauty of life and hope that everything, will eventually, will get back to normal.