The Digital World is Destroying Real Photography

Call me a “purist,” a “snob,” an “old fart,” but I believe the real art of photography has been destroyed by digital imaging. Photography used to be a learned trade. It took an understanding of the beautiful 4-C’s; chemistry, composition, creativity, and craft. With the invent of digital sensors, processors, Photoshop and Instagram (and God know what else is coming) the actual craft has turn into little more than a glorified hobby. There’s an APP for that.  And THAT pisses me off.

While we all need to make a buck (or, “sell out” as described in my “About The Artist” page) and the access to darkrooms and even film for that matter is ever-waning, I do have a portfolio of digital images, but as the “old fart” I am, I REFUSE to give up my film cameras and try to shoot on the old standards as often as I possibly can.

So there!

AW…  Phooey!  I’m updating my portfolio at the moment.

In the meantime, you can check out my Instagram account for some photography samples.