Des Moines Cartoonist, Andrew B. Clark – Samples

My “Cartooning” has many styles. While I always aspired to work in the styles of Berkeley Breathed (Bloom County) or Gary Larson (The Far Side), two amazing and distinct cartoonists, I’d have to say my biggest influence comes from Don Martin of Mad Magazine fame. Martin and his team took cartooning, caricatures and illustrations to a whole new universe.  From Spy VS. Spy to Captain Klutz and the entire Mad world, my eyes, heart, and mind (for better or worse) never quite got over MAD.

Today my main style of cartoon is what I’ve called #DerpHeads – grotesque characteristics of portraits simply and quickly drawn with some kind of snappy punch line. While I still play with more illustrative and full figured cartoons, these #DerpHeads seem to be the core of my Cartooning product.

Below you can see a gallery many of the #DerpHead cartoons as well as other styles – from political illustrative and single panel gags to more detailed caricatures.

If you’re interested in a specific style or would like to discuss a commissioned cartoon, please reach out to me through the contact page in this Web site or simply email me at [email protected].

This gallery will be ever-growing and being updated. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please check out the Illustration section.

AndrewBClark-Illustration-Procreate-031315 from Andrew B. Clark on Vimeo.